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* Read the Below Terms And Conditions Before Sending Payment

Terms And Conditions

This Service Is STRICTLY for ANDROID ONLY. We use android devices and you can not transfer currency between Android and IOS. However if you are using IOS, PC emulator can help you to spend your currency before going back to IOS or simply arrange with us to spend it and screenshot your pulls.

All orders are handled through Goods & Services, therefore must add an extra 4.7% fee to cover PayPal’s fees. You must also write “NON REFUNDABLE DIGITAL PURCHASE” in the description.

Please send the payment screenshot to our chat.

Your account security is our number one priority so for games such as Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle we highly recommend using “Facebook Login” to transfer the the account instead of a “ID & Transfer code” login. You can find out about Facebook transferring here:

Facebook tends to lock your account when you log in on different location / IP address, We need you to enable two factors authentication, so it will ask a code when we try to login instead of identity confirmation. And thats why we need the recovery codes for that.

Dokkan Note: Make sure your Dokkan account is NOT LINKED to FB if using ID & TRANSFER CODE login. Inversely, make sure they ARE linked if using FB LOGIN.

Also note while you wait for your order to process you may still play on your account.

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Submit Form Only AFTER Successful Payment Through The Link Above Or Your Order Will Be Cancelled.